"It's a plastic passion..." This is an unofficial site, supportive of but independent from Maidstone United FC. It was started in February 2014, at a time when the new ground was under two years of age, but which we already felt represented a golden age for football in Maidstone. ﷯ This holds true even now, although there really haven't been too many bad days: while we've been online the club has won the Isthmian League cup, the Isthmian Premier League and the National South play-off, before successfully staying in the National League last season. ﷯ The Stones continue to play to bigger crowds than they ever did, either in the Football League era, or in the early 1980s at London Road and our ethos was that the worst day at Whatman Way was still better than the best day at Dartford, Sittingbourne or Ashford. None of this would have been possible without an influx of new fans and we welcome them all. There are around half a dozen contributors to the site, all of whom are volunteers. ﷯ The site is named after a song from The Cure's seminal 1979 album Boys Don't Cry, an arch reference to the "ironic" use of the word rival fans sometimes throw at us (particularly fans from clubs who feel strangely threatened by our resurgence ...) ﷯ If you haven't heard this song, go and listen to it now. Yes, NOW. Then go and listen to The Cure's entire back catalogue. Yes, even Japanese Whispers. Come back here when you've finished. There ... did you enjoy that? Excellent! We can resume. This is a not-for-profit website, not intended to compete with the official website, but instead offering opinions and occasional articles. We are not a 24-7 news service but will offer match reports and stories when practical. ﷯ You may occasionally see some robust, coarse and industrial-strength language on this site, but nothing worse than you would hear at a football match, so please don't be offended. Unless of course you are a Daily Mail-reading professional offence taker, in which case, knock yourself out. No please ...
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